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Are you sure your Criminal History Report will come up "Clean?"


Did you know:

  • 93% of employers perform criminal background checks
  • Background checks can contain mistakes, including mismatched, misleading or revealed "sealed" information

IdentoGO is an approved FBI Channeler with convenient locations capable of accepting ink card fingerprints or capturing live scan fingerprints for secure transmission to the FBI. Our professionally trained Enrollment Agents, and leading-edge technology, ensures that you receive quality service and prompt submission of your request.

For only $45, you can find out what employers, adoption firms and law enforcement agencies can see when they pull your FBI criminal history report. By using IdentoGO Centers, you can now obtain your FBI Criminal History Report within 2-3 days of being fingerprinted, rather than waiting 6-8 weeks. Book your appointment today for fast, convenient access to your report.

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