FBI Identity History Check


Be sure you know what's in your criminal history report…

Schedule an appointment and obtain a personal FBI Identity History Check today!

NOTE: FBI Identity History Checks are only available in select locations. Please make certain to check availability when scheduling an appointment.

Through our convenient nationwide network of IdentoGO Centers, as an approved FBI Channeler, we can securely capture and transmit your individual information to the FBI and help you obtain a copy of your personal FBI Identity History Check, safely emailed directly to you. It's secure, it's quick, and it's only $45.

Note: FBI Identity History Check is for personal use only.

What is an FBI Identity History Check?

Why do I need an FBI Identity History Check?

I’ve never committed a crime, why would I need an FBI Identity History Check?

How do I obtain an FBI Identity History Check?

Background Check FAQs

*Appointments are available in select locations in California, Tennessee, Michigan, Washington, DC / Virginia, Texas.

*Processing times for Identity History Check results vary and not within the control of MorphoTrust.