Secure Badging

IdentoGO Centers offer fast, efficient and cost-effective fingerprinting and background checks required for badging, which are produced onsite, all from one convenient location. Over the last 20 years, state education agencies, including public and private schools and districts, colleges and universities, have all relied on IdentoGO Centers to take care of their badging needs

  • Minimize delays and eliminate inconsistent fingerprint and photograph quality issues.
  • Expedite badge issuance and reduce staffing requirements through an automated process.
  • Accelerate processing and lower filing costs with a paperless, consolidated review and adjudication process that includes storage of original document images.
  • Schedule appointments online or via telephone.
  • Avoid the hassle of fee collections and payment processing.
  • Order renewals and replacements online.

For more information, contact us at 855-201-2418.

Integrated Background Checks and Badging

In a first-of-its-kind program, all Municipal Police Officers in Massachusetts now carry identification cards that have a uniform design with security features to thwart tampering and counterfeiting. The program, which is administered by the Massachusetts Chiefs of Police Association (MCOPA), has multiple purposes:

  • Helping citizens and law enforcement identify criminals posing as officers.
  • Providing officer identification when entering a courthouse or government building, or attending official trainings or briefings where sensitive information is being disseminated.
  • Allowing officer to fly on a commercial airliner while armed.
  • Working with officers and agents from other law enforcement agencies in mutual aid emergencies or events.
  • Conducting enforcement activities such as arrests and searches, or when approaching a witness or suspect

Although this solution was used by MCOPA, it provides all organizations, including schools, universities, businesses and more, with easy-to-use enrollment. This eliminates the need for onsite equipment (printers and card stock), training and management, while providing agencies access to a highly secure credential that is designed specifically to meet security, volume and budgetary requirements.