TSA PreCheck® Corporate Enrollment

Give your Travelers More Hours in the Day by Speeding and Simplifying the Screening Process

IdentoGO® Centers by IDEMIA have been authorized by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) to facilitate the application process for TSA PreCheck. We operate a nationwide network of enrollment centers and currently deliver services in support of the TSA’s Universal Enrollment Service.  With our Corporate Programs, you have several convenient options to bring the benefits of TSA PreCheck to your employees. Use one or a combination to meet your needs.

Please include your name, location, business name, and contact information. For these events, there is a minimum requirement of 100 enrollments and 50 guaranteed enrollments per day. One of our dedicated sales representative will provide more details.

Here's what to expect:  

  • We meet with you to assess your needs and design the best program for you. It may be one of the options or a combination.
  • We’ll help you develop a communication plan to spread the word to your employees. This includes information that can be communicated through your normal channels as well as onsite signage.
  • We’ll setup a corporate web page with all of the information and details related to your program. Employees use this site to pre-enroll and submit their biographic information online.
  • All applications are securely transmitted to the TSA for vetting and follow-up. Your employees will receive notification of their approval within approximately two weeks.
  • We work with you to establish the billing and payment process for each application submitted.  

Ongoing support is provided through your assigned program manager and our Call Centers. We are always available to assist as needed.