Partner Benefits

The identity security field is rapidly expanding. To further our mission and ensure superior service for our customers, we are pleased to offer IdentoGO partnership to those dynamic, security-minded individuals and businesses that share our vision for simplifying, securing, and protecting the lives of the American people. This is an amazing opportunity, and one we are happy to extend to ideal partners. As our IdentoGO partner, you will receive:

Centralized Online Scheduling

IdentoGO by IDEMIA manages the scheduling of daily appointments through the IdentoGO website. Each day, schedules are provided to our partners according to the number of customers you are able and willing to serve in your facility.

Call Center

IdentoGO by IDEMIA manages a large Call Center for appointment setting, customer service handling and the pre-payment of certain services.


All IdentoGO Centers receive Livescan equipment and the training needed for all partner Enrollment Agents (EAs) to capture and transmit electronic fingerprints quickly and securely.

Ongoing Support

Our experts are always available to answer questions, assist with equipment maintenance or provide supplies – anything you need to successfully run the IdentoGO Center.

Increased Web Presence

Partners are included in the online directory. We also invest in paid search programs to build awareness and drive customers to your IdentoGO Center location.

Other Revenue Opportunites

As a partner you may be eligible to offer additional identity-related products and services as they become available.

Opportunities for Advancement

The tiered IdentoGO Partnership Program will allow highly successful partners to advance their membership levels, which will provide greater revenue and benefit opportunities.Our turnkey offerings include staff training, marketing and branding support, equipment maintenance, phone support and a business operations professional assigned to provide you with assistance as needed. We look forward to building a successful partnership with you and your business.