Frequently Asked Questions

What is an IdentoGO Center?

IdentoGO Centers are locations where IDEMIA and our partners offer fingerprinting services in support of the many contracts we have with state and federal agencies, as well as commercial businesses. All IdentoGO Centers offer Livescan fingerprinting, which allows inkless, electronic fingerprint capture and secure digital submission. Some IdentoGO Centers also offer hard card fingerprinting, as required by contractual obligation.

In addition to fingerprinting services, we’ve identified many new identity-related product and service offerings for IdentoGO Centers. These additional products and services provide added value to our partners and increased convenience to our customers. Our vision is to create a nationwide network of trustworthy, professional and convenient single-source locations under a recognizable, consumer-friendly brand developed specifically for the American public.

What criteria does my business/facility need to meet in order to become an IdentoGO Center?

Each IdentoGO Center has a series of criteria it must meet in order to remain compliant with state and federal contracts.

What services do IdentoGO Centers provide?

IdentoGO Centers provide a convenient, professional environment for customers in need of various identity-related services, including fingerprinting and background checks required to complete government and commercial certification processes. With our new retail services packages, IdentoGO Centers also offer products and services such as passport photos, and I-9 Employee Eligibility Verification. Service options vary by location.

How will I be paid?

We pay IdentoGO partners on a per applicant basis for services rendered.

Is training or maintenance included?

Yes. IdentoGO partnership includes staff training, marketing and branding support, equipment maintenance, phone support, and a business operations professional assigned to provide you with assistance as needed. You will receive training to provide fingerprinting services and ongoing training as new services are offered.

I don’t have an existing business, but I would like to start one by opening an IdentoGO Center. Is that possible?

IdentoGO Centers are designed to function as an additional service package used to supplement an already established business. At this time, we are unable to partner with any individual who does not have an established business with existing employees and facility space that can be used to operate the IdentoGO Center.

How do I get started as an IdentoGO partner?

Our partner program is designed to work with established businesses in select areas who want to provide an additional service to their customers and their communities. We open new locations as we secure new contracts for the services we offer. This also means there is an immediate need from a group of customers that will be sent to new IdentoGO Center locations.

Each IdentoGO Center has a series of criteria it must meet in order to remain compliant with state and federal contracts. If your business and facility meets the IdentoGO Center criteria and you are interested in partnering with us, please complete our Partner Inquiry Form and a member of our Facility and Partner team will contact you.

Is IdentoGO Center partnership like a franchise?

IdentoGO Center partnership is similar to franchises in that there is consistency in the branding, signage, training and quality of service. However, it is not a franchise requiring that you pay to participate.

What benefits would my company get from becoming an IdentoGO Center?

We understand that our partners are instrumental to this industry’s growth and the customer experience. For this reason, we work to ensure partner success by making an IdentoGO Center partnership a mutually beneficial professional relationship. For a list of the benefits associated with IdentoGO partnership, please see Partner Benefits.

Is there a start-up cost?

IdentoGO Center partners receive a complete start-up package containing all of the necessary, certified equipment to perform the services they choose to offer. This start-up package is provided at no cost. Additionally, all partners receive signage and branding materials. Again, these are provided at no cost.

If I become an IdentoGO Center, who will be my customers?

Our customers include state and federal law enforcement agencies, teachers, youth athletic staff and volunteers, child care workers, adoptive and foster parents, elder care and nursing home employees, insurance agents, real estate brokers, mortgage brokers, healthcare workers, security guards, airline and airport employees, applicants for concealed firearm permits, casino employees, port workers and employees, transportation workers and semi-truck drivers and many others.